Ideas for employees starting work remotely

Ideas for employees starting work remotely

✨ 💻 Starting a new job remotely rather than in the office can feel very different and daunting, as it means not being able to meet your new colleagues and manager in person, and having to adjust to new technology or new ways of working without co-worker help being as immediately or obviously available as it would be in the office.

✏️ Here, then, are some simple tips that will help you to begin your new role:

✔️Prepare for an online type of Onboarding. …
✔️Understand Expectations and Learn How Your Team Communicates. …
✔️Don’t hesitate to Ask for More Information Keep helpful, reassuring notes
✔️Ensure you’re confident with any new technology so you can represent yourself well
✔️Get to Know Your Colleagues and Find Work Buddies.

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