Partnership with ISSA

Partnership with ISSA

We are excited to share that the Educate to Elevate Cleaning Industry Induction Program is now part of the ISSA Member Benefits program!

What is ISSA-The Worldwide Cleaning Industry Association and why have we partnered with them?

🌏 ISSA is the Global voice for the Cleaning Industry

🧼 ISSA represents all aspects of the industry – suppliers, manufacturers, cleaning companies

📚 ISSA sets Industry Standard ISSA runs Cleaning Industry Certifications

✏️ ISSA runs cleaning skills training – GBAR, Auditing and more

👨👩👧👦 ISSA works to bring the industry together

Did you know that our Cleaning Industry Induction is an Member Benefit for ISSA Oceania. 

Explore more about our Cleaning Industry Induction program

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